Live Oak Park Recreation Center, Social Hall
Shattuck & Berryman, Berkeley, California

Berkeley Folk Dancers meets Monday through Friday evenings at Live Oak Park, and Tuesday afternoons at Northbrae Community Church in Berkeley, California. Check out our class schedule and events calendar to find out exactly what we are doing and when we are doing it.


Driving: From University Avenue, drive north on Shattuck Avenue to the traffic light at Rose Street. Then instead of following the main road off to the left, keep going straight on Shattuck one block further, to the corner at Berryman. You can start looking for parking spaces. A foot path starts there and goes directly to the Recreation Center. If you drive around the block from here, you will be on Walnut Street and can enter the park also from there, with another foot path leading to the Recreation Center.

Public transit: Take BART train to the Berkeley (downtown) station, which is 1 mile south of Live Oak Park.
-- If you are an avid walker, proceed north on Shattuck Ave. for 11 blocks, until you reach Berryman St. The park is on your right. (walking route)
-- If you wish to take a bus, walk to the bus stop on the east corner of Shattuck Ave and Center Street. Take a 7, 9, or 43 AC Transit bus going north on Shattuck (toward University Ave), get off at Berryman (one block past Rose Ave), and walk east (to your right) one short block. (bus route)
For AC Transit and BART schedules, visit

Live Oak Park Recreation Center (view from Shattuck Ave)