Membership in Berkeley Folk Dancers

September 6, 2016 to August 31, 2017

An 8-week Beginners' class starts Thursday, September 8, 2016.

The fee for the 8-week class is $30. A second 8-week session will follow it in November and January. If you wish to take the class but missed the start of the 8-week session, drop in on the class night and talk to the teacher.

The class will feature non-partner (line) dances, mixers, set dances and couple dances, from different countries.

Beginners classes are scheduled on Thursdays from 7:45pm to 9:45pm at Live Oak Park Recreation Center, 1301 Shattuck at Berryman, Berkeley, California (click here for directions). You will have fun learning these folk dances and will make new friends, gain new skills, and get some great exercise in the bargain! Please come at 7:30 the first night to allow time for registration.

Beyond the Beginners level, members pay $160 per year (from September to August). They are entitled to dance any or all nights per week without additional fee (except for special parties; to dance in the Beginners class, they should check with the teachers).

Classes are on four levels; Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Intermediate, and Advanced, each on a different night of the week. An afternoon class is also held on Fridays. Friday night is all-request night, open to everyone. There is a $5 nightly charge for non-members. Non-members dropping in are welcome on any night, but should check with the teachers before coming to the Beginners night. Contact the Beginners class teachers David at or Marian at . Besides classes and request nights, there are special parties on two weekend nights and four Fridays a year.

Looking for the membership form? Download it here.