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Below are videos of some dances in the BFD repertoire.

(A more complete list of videos is available for logged in members in the members-only section)

Ada's Kujawiak 1 (Poland, Couple)
Ada's Kujawiak 3 (Poland, Couple)
Ajde Jano (Serbia, Non-partner)
Alexandrovska (Russia, Couple)
Allemannsmarsj (Norway, Progressive)
Alunelul (Romania, Non-partner)
Arnold's Circle (England, Progressive/Mixer)
Arzu Ile Kamber (Turkey, Non-partner)
Ba La (Israeli/Latin, Progressive/Mixer)
Bal in de Straat (USA/Belgium, Progressive/Mixer)
Bal de Jugon (France, Couple)
Balta (Romania, Non-partner)
Bannielou Lambaol (France, Non-partner)
Bavno Oro (Macedonia, Non-partner)
Baztan Dantza (Spain, Non-partner)
Bela Rada (Serbia, Non-partner)
Belle O' Bon Accord (Scotland, Set)
Bitte Mand i Knibe (Denmark, Progressive/Mixer)
Black Mountain Reel (Scotland, Set)
Bohemian National Polka (Czech Republic, Couple)
Brandiswalzer (Switzerland, Couple)
Bucimis (Bulgaria, Non-partner)
Caballito Blanco (Mexico, Couple)
Cacak (Serbia, Non-partner)
Ceresnicky (Czech Republic, Non-partner)
Chilili (Bolivia, Set)
Cimpoi (Romania, Non-parnter)
Ciuleandra (Romania, Non-partner)
Cobankat (Albania, Non-partner)
Corrido (Mexico, Couple)
Culla Bay (Scotland, Set)
Cumberland Reel (Scotland, Set)
Damat Halayi (Turkey, Non-partner)
Das Fenster (Germany, Progressive/Mixer)
Dashing White Sergeant (Scotland, Set)
De Valse Zeeman (the Netherlands, Couple)
Deninka (Bulgaria, Non-partner)
Dobrudzanska Reka (Bulgaria, Non-partner)
Dodi Li (Israeli, Couple)
Dospatsko Horo (Bulgaria, Non-partner)
Doudlebska Polka (Czech Republic, Progressive/Mixer)
Dublin Bay (England, Set)
Duke of Kent's Waltz (England, Set)
El Gaucho Tango (USA, Couple)
El Paso City (USA, Set)
Emma's Commencement (England, Set)
Erev Ba II (Israel, Non-partner)
Eshebo (Israel, Non-partner)
Fandango (England, Set)
Fenterlarick (England, Set)
Folsom Prison Blues (USA, Couple)
Garry Strathspey (Scotland, Set)
Gavotte d'Honneur (France, Non-partner)
Geud Man of Ballangigh (England, Set)
Godecki Cacak (Bulgaria/Serbia, Non-partner)
Grand Square (USA, Set)
Hambo (Sweden, Couple)
Hambopolska (Sweden, Couple)
Haroa Haktana (Israeli, Non-partner)
Hasapikos (Greece, Non-partner)
Highland Rambler (Scotland, Set)
Hora Miresii (Romania, Non-partner)
Horehronsky Cardas (Slovakia, Non-partner)
Imate Li Vino (Macedonia, Non-partner)
Ijswals (The Netherlands, Couple)
Ini Vitui (Romania, Non-partner)
Joc Batranesc (Romania, Non-partner)
Joc de Bata (Romania, Non-partner)
Joc de Leagane (Romania, Non-partner)
Joc In Patru (Romania, Non-partner)
Jovano Jovanke (Macedonia, Non-partner)
Jove Male Mome (Bulgaria, Non-partner)
Karagouna (Greece, Non-partner)
Karamfil (Bulgaria, Non-partner)
Keshenavo (Israeli, Non-partner)
Key To The Cellar (English, Set)
Kjustendilska Racenica (Bulgaria, Non-partner)
Korcsardas (Hungary, Couple)
Korobushka (USA/Russian, Progressive/Mixer)
Kujawiak Weselny (Poland, Couple)
Kritiko Serviko (Greece, Non-partner)
La Bastringue (Canada, Progressive/Mixer)
La Encantada Tango (USA, Couple)
La Salamandre (France, Progressive/Mixer)
Les Bourrees Croisees (France, Set)
Lesnoto (Macedonia, Non-partner)
Let's Have A Ceilidh (Scotland, Set)
Levi Jackson Rag (USA, Set)
Lipa Ma Maryca (Slovenia/Italy, Couple)
Mad Robin (England, Set)
Magyar Csardas (Hungary, Couple)
Mairi's Wedding (Scotland, Set)
Maple Leaf Rag (USA, Couple)
Marek's Mazur (Poland, Couple)
Margaret's Waltz (England, Couple)
Marklaender (Germany, Couple)
Mayim (Israeli, Non-partner)
Milondita Tango (USA, Couple)
Mindrele (Romania, Non-partner)
Misirlou (Greece, Non-partner)
Mona's Festvals (Sweden, Progressive/Mixer)
Mrakotin (Czechia, Couple)
Narino (Turkey, Non-partner)
Newcastle (England, Set)
Oklahoma Mixer (USA, Progressive/Mixer)
Olahos (Hungary, Non-partner)
Opinca (Romania, Non-partner)
Opsaj Diri (Croatia, Non-partner)
Our Brief Encounters (England, Set)
Pajdusko Horo (Bulgaria, Non-partner)
Pariserpolka (Norway, Couple)
Picking Up Sticks (England, Set)
Pilky (Czechia, Couple)
Postie's Jig (Scotland, Set)
Pravo (Bulgaria, Non-partner)
Prince William (England, Set)
Ravno Oro (Macedonia, Non-partner)
Red House (Scotland, Set)
Rorospols (Norway, Couple)
Rumelaj (Rom-Macedonian, Non-partner)
Rustemul (Romania, Non-partner)
Saint John River (England, Set)
Santa Rita (Mexico, Couple)
Seguidillas (Spain/Canary Islands, 2-Couple Set)
Selsko Shopsko Horo (Bulgaria, Non-partner)
Setnja Kolo (Serbia, Non-partner)
Shrewsbury Lasses (England, Set)
Siriysko Horo (Bulgarian/Syrian, Non-partner)
Skater's Tango (USA, Couple)
Skt. Gilgen Figurentanz (Austria, Progressive/Mixer)
Snoa (Sweden, Couple)
Somogyi Karikazo (Hungary, Non-partner)
Sonderhoning (Denmark, Couple)
Stabberinglender (Norway, Couple)
Stegvals (Sweden/Norway, Couple)
Stockholm Schottis Mixer (Sweden, Progressive/Mixer)
Summer Sounds (USA, Set)
Swedish Finn Mixer (Sweden, Progressive/Mixer)
Sweet Girl (Armenia, Non-partner)
Syrtos (Greece, Non-partner)
Tanko Bushi (Japan, Non-partner)
Tango Poquito (USA, Progressive/Mixer)
Teton Mountain Stomp (USA, Progressive/Mixer)
Thirteen Fourteen (Scotland, Set)
Three Hand Fling (Ireland, Set)
Tino Mori (Macedonia, Non-partner)
Trip To Bavaria (Scotland, Set)
Tropanka (Bulgaria, Non-partner)
Trugnala Rumjana (Bulgaria, Non-partner)
Tsamikos (Greece, Non-partner)
Tzadik Katamar (Israeli, Non-partner)
'T Smidje (Belgium, Progressive)
Vulpita (Romania, Non-partner)
W Moim Ogrodecku (Poland, Non-partner)
Western Trio Mixer (USA, Progressive)
Wind On Loch Fyne (Scotland, Set)
Yevarechecha (Israel, Non-partner)
Zillertaler Laendler (Austria, Couple)
Zwiefacher (Germany/Austria, Couple)

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