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This Weeks Dances 9/24

09/02/2018 9:29 AM | Arnold (Administrator)

BFD: 9/24 This Week's Dances + No afternoon classes this week

David Hillis

7:30 AM (1 hour ago)

Hello dancers,

Due to a bazaar they are hosting, Northbrae Church is not available to us for this week's afternoon classes on Tuesday and Thursday.  Classes will resume next week.


Coming up before you know it . . .

October 7 -        Mel Mann's 90th Birthday party

October 7 -        Members Meeting

October 20 -      Federation's Officers Ball

October 26 -      Members Selection Night & Halloween party

November 16 -  Advanced class Fun Night

Information on all these events (except the Advanced class Fun Night) is in your most recent Bulletin, available in your inbox and on BFD's website.


Here's what your dues are paying for this week . . .

Advanced - Monday

Tehauntepec (cp. Mexico) T1

Sheyavo, T3

Arcanul Batrinesc, T3

Culla Bay, T3

No Tuesday Afternoon class this week

Beginner - Tuesday

N Trugnala Rumjana T4 – Marian

M Oklahoma Mixer T4 – David/Marian

C Chilili T4 – Marija/David

N Alunelul (Romania) T1 – Marija    Model: Marian

S Cumberland Reel T3 – David

M Talgoxen (Finland) T1 – David

N Setnja Kolo T2 – Marija

M Niguno Shel Yossi T2 – David  

N Bannielou Lambaol T4 – Marian

M Allemannsmarsj T4 – Marija/ David

N Lesnoto T3 – Marija

Advanced Intermediate - Wednesday


Never on Sunday

Ada's Kujawiak #3

Joc Batranesc

Madre Tango  T4

Hambo  T3

Deninka  T2

Shrewsbury Lasses  T1

Charleston Madison

Ada's Kujawiak #1



Crosstep Waltz Mixer

Belle O'Bon Accord

Valle Shqiptare

t' Smidje


Bannielou Lambaol

Joc de Leagane

No Thursday Afternoon class this week

Intermediate - Thursday

N Joc in Patru (B) – Marian

N Tino Mori T4 – Helen     Model: Marian

M La Salamandre T2 – David/Helen

C La Java T4 – Marian/David

Trip to Bavaria T1 (Scotland) – David

N Rumelaj T3 – Marian     Model: Helen

M Arnold's Circle T4 – Helen/David

S Mad Robin T4 – David

C Skater's Tango (B) – David

N Passu Torrau (B) - Marian

Friday Night - All Requests  - Why wait for the next Fun Night when this is here now, and it's free?!

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