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Dances for Week of Oct 1

09/30/2018 11:37 PM | Arnold (Administrator)

BFD: 10/1 This Week's Dances + Member Selection Night



David Hillis

Attachments8:14 PM (3 hours ago)


Hello dancers,

Our Afternoon classes are back -- come on down!


Next Sunday is our monthly Members Meeting:

Sunday, October 7:   At the home of Emily and Arnie Stoper

6439 Regent Street, Oakland

6:30 Potluck (please RSVP 655-9332)

7:30 Meeting


That same day (October 7), and no doubt a little more fun, is Mel Mann's 90th Birthday Party, at Live Oak, from noon to 4:30.  Esther would like an RSVP if you're coming, so rattle her cage at 

Even better, email her and ask how you can help!


Coming up on October 20 is the Federation's Officers Ball in Pleasanton.  Marija will be one of the institute teachers, and she and Marian are the Dinner Committee!  If you want dinner (with live music), you have to register by October 12.  All the info is at




The biggest date on BFD's calendar this month is the Member Selection Night/Halloween Party on Friday, October 26.  This is the night you get to pick up to five new Trial Dances for this year.  But to be able to vote, you have to see all the demonstrated dances, so arrive before 7:30!

Attached are a flyer with all the details, and a form to fill out if you will be presenting a dance for consideration.

No forms are required for you to wear a Halloween costume, so do!  Ed would really appreciate it.


As another month rolls around . . .

Advanced - Monday

Culla Bay T4

Arcanul Batrinesc T4

Sheyavo T4

Bracno Oro (np. Albania) T1

Tuesday Afternoon at Northbrae Community Church,  941 The Alameda, Berkeley, 1:30-3:00. Free parking in back.  Mostly Beginner dances but maybe some others, too!  Any questions, get hold of teacher Andy Partos

Beginner - Tuesday

N Bannielou Lambaol – Marian

M Allemannsmarsj – Marija/ David

N Setnja Kolo T3 – Marija

M Oklahoma Mixer – David/Marian

N Alunelul T2 – Marija    Model: Marian

S Grand Square (USA) T1 – David

C Chilili – Marija/David

M Talgoxen T2 – David

S Cumberland Reel T4 – David

M Niguno Shel Yossi T3 – Marian  

N Lesnoto T4 – Marija 

Advanced Intermediate - Wednesday

Ajde Jano

Blue Pacific Waltz



Byte Hambo    T4
Winter Solstice  T1

Deninka    T3

Shrewsbury Lasses  T2


Madre Tango

Das Fenster

Tanko Bushi

Maple Leaf Rag

Trip to Bavaria

Oklahoma Mixer



Our Brief Encounters


Erev Ba

Thursday Afternoon at Northbrae Community Church,  941 The Alameda, Berkeley, 1:30-3:00. Free parking in back.  Mostly Intermediate dances but maybe some others, too!  Any questions, get hold of teacher Marija Hillis

Intermediate - Thursday

N Tino Mori – Helen      Model: Marian

M Arnold's Circle – David

S Mad Robin – Marian

N Čerešničky (Czech Republic-Moravia) T1 – Marian      Model: Helen

S Trip to Bavaria T2 – David

C Lepa Anka Kolo Vodi (Croatia) T1 – David/Marian
M La Salamandre T3 – Marian

C La Java – David/Marian

N Rumelaj T4 – Helen      Model: Marian

S Grand Square (B) – David

N Setnja Kolo - Marian

Friday Night - All Requests - Two hours of dancing bliss!

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