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Thu aft dancing 11 oct

10/09/2018 7:31 PM | Arnold (Administrator)

thur afternoon dancing 11 oct ...

Big Wayne

AttachmentsSun, Oct 7, 2:14 PM (2 days ago)

to Big

the thursday class still needs  somebody who'd like to send this little e-note to our fellow dancers.   i'm totally available to help, so ... ? . . .


------- bfd's new site, is at  .   although    will still get you there, too . . .

…the little blue “person” icon in the top right is your friend, and clicking on it will tell you what you ought to be doing. The first time you log on you will have to claim you forgot your password and the site will allow you to reset it.  help at:


--------- mel mann reminds us that ALL school-age kids who come to dance with us are FREE !   so, gramma, no more excuses ! . . .


---------    "intermediates with marija hillis " -  Thu Afternoons at Northbrae Community Church,  941 The Alameda, Berkeley, 1:30-3:00.  Free parking in back.  Mostly intermediate dances but some others, too!  Any questions, get hold of teacher, .

dances we'll do on 11 oct may include:

N Ajde Jano (B)
Alexandrovska (B)   
Arnold's Circle (England)
N Čerešničky 
N Bannielou Lamboal (B)
Charleston Madison (B)
Das Fenster (B)
N Debka Oud (Israel) T1 – Marian    Model: Helen
Joc in Patru
La Java (France) 
La Salamandre (France)
C Lepa Anka Kolo Vodi 
Mad Robin (England)
Passu Torrau https
Postie's Jig (B)
Rumelaj (Rom-Macedonia)
Skater's Tango
M Talgoxen (B)
Tino Mori (Macedonia)
Trip to Bavaria (Scotland)


t'nite, sunday, is our monthly Members Meeting:   7 oct, at the home of Emily and Arnie Stoper
6439 Regent Street, Oakland .   if you're potlucking, it starts at 6:30 , but (please RSVP 655-9332).   the Meeting is at 7:30 . . .


Big recommends, HIGHLY !... ,   David & Marija's newest trip:   The Adriatic to Slovenia to Venice...

June 1-15, 2019 .   From June 1-7, on the 40-passenger M/S Prestige, sailing from Dubrovnik, from island to island in the Adriatic.  Then from Split,  head for Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia, then Postonja Caves, Ljubljana and Lake Bled in Marija's homeland, Slovenia, and finish with three days in Venice!

The trip includes 11 excursions, most meals, and folk dancing every night!

You'll find details on their website:  ,  As always, you can phone them if you have any questions.   David and Marija   510-549-0337


Yardena has israeli dancing in walnut creek Oct 14th (at 6:00) & 28th, Nov 11th & 25, and Dec 9th   <> for date, place and time . . .

and then:   alan king sez:   AN AFTERNOON OF ISRAELI FOLK DANCES,   Ashkenaz Dance Center-Berkeley   $10.00  (Under 18 FREE)   Potluck snacks and drinks   -   Ashkenaz, 1317 San Pablo Avenue @ Gilman St., Berkeley   16 Dec 18, and then in 2019 Dates: Mar 3, Jun 2, Sep 15, Dec 15


Dancing In The Streets - BAM/Pacific Film Archives will be showing free dance movies on their outdoor screen at the rear of the building, on Addison & Oxford.  all shows are at 4:00 p.m.   Oct 14    The Young Girls of Rochefort


Hungarian National Dance Ensemble  (Magyar Nemzeti Táncegyüttes)

Artistic Director: Zoltán Zsuráfszky,  Spirit of Hungary 1848, Revolution and Roots in Dance and Music

Wed Oct 31  7:30 PM  Vacaville Performing Arts Theatre   1010 Ulatis Drive – Vacaville, CA 95687
Tickets: $ 35 , $ 45 – Free Parking Box Office: (707) 469-4013 or   Information: 973-473-0013


Trial Dances, Member Selection Night Fri Oct 26, when we get to pick up to five new dances for bfd!


Exercise That Helps Mental Health Most

Certain fitness routines do more to help avoid depression, stress or other emotional problems, new research finds, but
team sports like dancing were shown to have the biggest positive impact on mental health. 

Sumathi Reddy
Aug. 20, 2018 11:07 a.m. ET

We assume exercise improves our mental health. But what kind of exercise works best?

Researchers looking at the link between physical activity and mental health found that team sports fared best, followed by cycling, on the road or a stationary bike.

The study, published in the journal Lancet Psychiatry this month, is among the first of its kind, and the largest, analyzing the effect of different types of exercise.

It found that physical activity, performed in groups, provided greater benefits than solo running or walking.

People who played group sports, like dancing, reported 22.3% fewer poor mental-health days than those who didn’t exercise. Runners fared 19% better, while those who did only household chores were 11.8% better.

The researchers also found that those who exercise between 30 and 60 minutes had the best mental health, with 45 minutes the optimal duration. 


Research found better reports of mental health from those who participated in various physical activities. Below, a look at how people reported feeling after a month of different activities, compared with those who were not physically active.
•       Group activities: 22.3%
•       Cycling: 21.6%
•       Aerobic or gym exercise*: 20.1%
•       Running or jogging: 19%
•       Recreational sports: 18.9%
•       Winter or water sports: 18%
•       Walking: 17.7%
•       Household chores: 11.8%

*—not including cycling or running

Overall, people who exercised reported having two poor mental-health days in the previous month, compared with 3.4 days for those who didn’t exercise. That translates into a 43% improvement in mental health for those who exercised, Dr. Chekroud says.

“This is very strong evidence that there is a relationship between exercise and mental health,” Dr. Chekroud says. “It seems like there are some sweet spots, and the relationship is probably complex. But even things like walking or household chores seem to have benefits.”

His research team grouped 75 different types of exercise into eight categories. They controlled for factors like age, race and body-mass index.

Madhukar H. Trivedi, founding director of the Center for Depression Research and Clinical Care at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, says a robust body of evidence shows exercise improves depression. He has done many studies examining this question.

Write to Sumathi Reddy at


----------- and, of course, if you don't want to get any mail from me, just lemme know ☹ !  -- my ego won’t be hurt and it will save me some work . . .



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