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Thu aft dancing Nov 15

11/11/2018 5:33 PM | Arnold (Administrator)

From Big Wayne Phillips

thanksgiving is coming on 22 nov.   we're not gonna dance ☹ that day, so come tuesday 20 nov, instead ! . . .

-------- remember, too, the videos of dances we're gonna do, will give you a leg up (pun ) on 'em when you get here . . .

ps:   some important FD etiquette just below .


we, the thursday class, still need somebody who'd like to send a little e-note (like this one ) to our fellow thursday dancers, so easy and fun !  you'll learn about other dance sites in the bay area, you'll learn who are the movers and shoulder-shakers in BFD, and who you can go to for help !  you'll be able to post recipes or histories of the dances we do .   you won't have to do it like i do it - and i'll help you get started (actually there are already a few people who have expressed hope that you'll replace me .  i know they'd be willing to help, too ! )   contact me at:  BigWayne19@Comcast.NET . . .


a little etiquette goes a long way:

-------- in line and circle dances, avoid wrestling, give your right hand palm up ! (left hand down, duh ... ) . . .

learning a new dance ?   get next to a good dancer . . .

join lines at the END, and join sets at the bottom - away from the music .

------- be thoughtful about any rings you wear .

use sense when using scents

        always wear your name tag.   i'm embarrassed when i don't remember your name and even more when you don't remember mine ☹, so i ALWAYS wear my name tag - with big enough letters that others can actually read my name . . .

--------- always say hello to dancers whose names you don't recognize ('cuz they're wearing a name tag ) - it might be the guy who's considering joining BFD !

you don't have to know every dance perfectly to always be welcome - but if you don't know a dance, step behind the line .


---------  "intermediates with marija hillis " -  Thu Afternoons at Northbrae Community Church,  941 The Alameda, Berkeley, 1:30-3:00.  Free parking in back.  Mostly intermediate dances!  Any questions, .   dances we'll do on 18 oct may include some or all of these :

C Ada's Kujawiak #1

N Ajde Jano   

N Alunelul

N Čerešničky

M Crosstep Waltz Mixer (USA)

S Cumberland Reel

S Highland Rambler (Scotland)

N Hora Miresii   (look for bill and Louise Lidicker )

C ijswals (Netherlands)

N Jovano Jovanke (Macedonia)

C La Java (France ? ) 

M Little Man in a Fix (Denmark)

M Mona's Festvals (Sweden)

M Olsson's Familjevals

S Our Brief Encounters (England) 

N Rumelaj

N Tzadik Katamar


Dancing on the Water:  Folk-dancing the Adriatic to Slovenia and Venice !   June 1-15, '19 .   Jun 1-7 Marija's homeland - Slovenia - and Venice!   includes excursions, meals, and dancing every night !   ...details on: .   David and Marija   510-549-0337


Yardena's israeli dancing in walnut creek: Nov 11th & 25, and Dec 9th   <> for date, place and time . . .

alan king sez:   ISRAELI FOLK DANCES,   Ashkenaz $10.00  (Under 18 FREE)   snacks and drinks   -   Ashkenaz, 1317 San Pablo Avenue 16 Dec 18, and then in 2019,  Mar 3, Jun 2, Sep 15, Dec 15


Birthday Ball will be Sat 12 Jan , the theme is Dancing on the Orient Express.

BFD's biggest production of the year, in federation with the FD  Federation, is Festival Of The Oaks.  This year it is Sun, Feb 10.  Attached is a PDF, and a Word Doc, flyer for the event -- some details at the bottom of this email too . . .


Monte Toyon 2019
Fri, Jan 25 to Sun, Jan 27

     BFD will be dancing for the 37th year at Monte Toyon. If you have never come, join us and see for yourself why the tradition has lasted so long.  This year we are fortunate to have Bruce Herbold teaching Scottish dance.  His wife Patti Cobb provides live music for the lessons.  Bruce has been teaching Scottish dance since 1983 with the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society.   His classes are always great fun.

     The Camp is in a redwood grove near Santa Cruz. The dance hall has a beautiful wooden floor with a grand stone fireplace. Class is from 9am to noon on Sat and Sun with an optional class at 1pm on Sat. Sat afternoon can be spent walking the beaches, hiking through the redwoods, visiting the nearby towns, or the monarch butterflies at the state park (or napping!). Meals are prepared by the friendly kitchen staff, and we have an all-request dance party Fri and Sat eves. The accommodations are in Cary Lodge, (a two-story building with a lounge where we will have a happy hour before dinner ). It consists of 4-person dorm rooms with bunk beds. We try to have no more than 3 people in a room. Come to dance, eat, drink, sing, and visit with old friends and make new ones! 

     Space is limited to 50 attendees, and room assignments are made in the order that deposits are received. The rate for the entire weekend is - $245. (Without the Fri dinner, it's $230.) Please return the reg form below by Dec 1, 2018. Final payment is due Jan 1, 2019. On Jan 2, non-BFD-members may register. The last day for refund of deposits is Jan 5 and the last day for refund of 50% of full payment is Thu, Jan 17.   Deposit $50 each, or $245 each for the weekend ($230 each without Fri dinner).   Questions? Contact Sondra Reinman (510-524-6113).

Mail or give to Sondra, 1635 Merced Street, Richmond, CA 94804   check payable to Berkeley Folk Dancers or you can register on the Berkeley Folk Dancers Website.   
NAME(S) (Please print) _____________________________________________
ADDRESS (include zip) _____________________________________________
PHONE NO.___________________
AMOUNT PAID: $__________________ ($50 deposit each, or full payment by December 1)
$245 each for weekend ($230 without Friday dinner). If a deposit is paid, remainder is due 1/1/19.
ROOMMATE CHOICES (not listed above)______________________________
ROOM PREFERENCES_________________________
Any special food requirements (e.g. vegetarian) ? ______________
Please have a few requests ready for evening parties!

Would you like to carpool? _____ Give a ride?______ Need a ride?____


71st Annual International Folk Dance, Festival of the Oaks,   Sun Feb 10, 2019   Live Oak Park, berkeley

Registration begins at 9:00 a.m.   Lee Otterholt International Master Folk Dance Teacher  9:30 - noon – $14.00

International Folk Dancing  Dances from around the world & morning reviews  1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. – $12.00

(All day – Institute & Folk Dancing  $24.00 - best deal!)

Hot lunch  Noon - 1:00 p.m. – $6.00

Federation Membership meeting  Noon - 1:00 p.m.   Folk Dance Federation of California will be providing lunch for members attending.

Exhibition Dance Performance  1:00 p.m.

Pre-owned folk dance costume sale  12:30 – 4:30   Bring items to donate, and Consignment sales accepted

Free refreshments will be served all afternoon

Sponsored by:   Berkeley Folk Dancers &  Folk Dance Federation of California, Inc.   No partner needed  or email:   9:30 - noon – $14.00


Exercise That Helps Mental Health Most are fitness routines, but dancing was shown to have the biggest positive impact on mental health in a large new study. 


----------- and, of course, if you don't want to get any mail from me, just lemme know ☹ !  -- my ego won’t be hurt and it will save me some work . . .




BFD is a 501c(3) non-profit. We rely on membership dues and donations to pay for our dance space and to keep the club running 5 days a week. Your donations are fully tax-deductible, and help keep folk dancing alive in our community. Please consider making a donation.

Berkeley Folk Dancers is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization.

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