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  • The videos and dance write-ups for the Lee Otterholt workshop at the 2019  Festival of the Oaks are now available on the web, but we have been asked to restrict access to workshop participants.  If you were a participant and want access send a  request to Ruthie .

    • Videos from the 2018 Festival of the Oaks dance workshop are online. Click on the link below to view the videos:

  • Notes, music, and videos for this year's trial dances are available on the trial dances page.

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  • 09/18/2018 3:23 PM | Arnold (Administrator)

     From David Hillis

    Hello dancers,

    Now, it wasn't a flock of flamingos on the Serengeti you saw at Live Oak last night!  It was the proudly pink dancers of BFD, standing on two legs at the annual I-Ball.  More details and more pictures in a couple days in the Bulletin . . .


    Afternoon alert for next week:  Due to some long-planned programs, Northbrae church will not be available for our Tuesday and Thursday afternoon classes next week, September 25 and 27.


    Please join us Saturday, Sept 22, 2:00 p.m. to discuss next year's dance camp at Monte Toyon.  Help us decide what type of dance we want taught and who we want to teach it.  We are also interested in any ideas to improve the weekend.  We are meeting at Judy Stonefield's, 6292 Colby St, Oakland.

    Judy and I will be providing treats to keep everyone's energy up.  Call me if you have any questions.

    Sondra Reinman  510-524-6113


    Folk Dance Federation Vice President Marian Snyder, Publicity Chair Marija Hillis, and Parliamentarian Bill Lidicker would like to invite you to the Federation's Octoberfest Officers Ball in Pleasanton on Saturday, October 20.  Marija will be one of the teachers. Marian and Marija will be in charge of the dinner.  This is always a fun event and a chance to learn new dances and have a dance party with folk dancers from all over the Bay Area.

    You'll find attached as a PDF a flyer/registration form.


    And before you can scratch your head and say, wha' wuzzat . . .

    Advanced - Monday

    Arcanul Batrinesc T2

    Culla Bay T2

    Sheyavo T2

    Tuesday Afternoon at Northbrae Community Church,  941 The Alameda, Berkeley, 1:30-3:00. Free parking in back.  Mostly Beginner dances but maybe some others, too!  Any questions, get hold of teacher Andy Partos

    Beginner - Tuesday

    N Bannielou Lambaol T3 – Marija

    M Allemannsmarsj T3 – David/Marija

    C Chilili T3 – Marian/David

    N Setnja Kolo (Serbia) T1 – Marija

    S Cumberland Reel T2 – David

    M Niguno Shel Yossi (Israel) T1 – David  

    N Trugnala Rumjana T3 – Marian

    M Oklahoma Mixer T3 – Marija/David

    N Lesnoto T2 – Marija

    Advanced Intermediate - Wednesday

    Ya Da Kalinushku Lomala



    Geud Man of Balingigh

    Byte Hambo  T2
    Deninka  T1
    Madre Tango  T3



    Ba La

    Hora Cheffer

    Levi Jackson Rag  (Review)

    Corlu Aroman

    Dodi Li

    La Bastringue

    Emma's Commencement  (Review)

    Debka Oud

    Viper Tango

    The St. John River


    Jovano Jovanke

    Thursday Afternoon at Northbrae Community Church,  941 The Alameda, Berkeley, 1:30-3:00. Free parking in back.  Mostly Intermediate dances but maybe some others, too!  Any questions, get hold of teacher Marija Hillis

    Intermediate - Thursday

    N Ini Vitui (B) – Marian

    C Ada's Kujawiak #1 (B) – David/Marian

    La Salamandre T1 (France) – David/Marian

    N Rumelaj T2 – Marian

    S Mad Robin T3 – David

    C La Java T3 – Marian/David

    M Arnold's Circle T3 – David/Marian

    N Tino Mori T3 – Marian

    S The St. John River (B) – David

    M Margaret's Waltz (B) – David

    N Syrtos (B) – Marian

    Friday Night - Request Night - Don't dance what the teachers tell you to dance -- come dance what you pick!

  • 09/02/2018 9:29 AM | Arnold (Administrator)

    BFD: 9/24 This Week's Dances + No afternoon classes this week

    David Hillis

    7:30 AM (1 hour ago)

    Hello dancers,

    Due to a bazaar they are hosting, Northbrae Church is not available to us for this week's afternoon classes on Tuesday and Thursday.  Classes will resume next week.


    Coming up before you know it . . .

    October 7 -        Mel Mann's 90th Birthday party

    October 7 -        Members Meeting

    October 20 -      Federation's Officers Ball

    October 26 -      Members Selection Night & Halloween party

    November 16 -  Advanced class Fun Night

    Information on all these events (except the Advanced class Fun Night) is in your most recent Bulletin, available in your inbox and on BFD's website.


    Here's what your dues are paying for this week . . .

    Advanced - Monday

    Tehauntepec (cp. Mexico) T1

    Sheyavo, T3

    Arcanul Batrinesc, T3

    Culla Bay, T3

    No Tuesday Afternoon class this week

    Beginner - Tuesday

    N Trugnala Rumjana T4 – Marian

    M Oklahoma Mixer T4 – David/Marian

    C Chilili T4 – Marija/David

    N Alunelul (Romania) T1 – Marija    Model: Marian

    S Cumberland Reel T3 – David

    M Talgoxen (Finland) T1 – David

    N Setnja Kolo T2 – Marija

    M Niguno Shel Yossi T2 – David  

    N Bannielou Lambaol T4 – Marian

    M Allemannsmarsj T4 – Marija/ David

    N Lesnoto T3 – Marija

    Advanced Intermediate - Wednesday


    Never on Sunday

    Ada's Kujawiak #3

    Joc Batranesc

    Madre Tango  T4

    Hambo  T3

    Deninka  T2

    Shrewsbury Lasses  T1

    Charleston Madison

    Ada's Kujawiak #1



    Crosstep Waltz Mixer

    Belle O'Bon Accord

    Valle Shqiptare

    t' Smidje


    Bannielou Lambaol

    Joc de Leagane

    No Thursday Afternoon class this week

    Intermediate - Thursday

    N Joc in Patru (B) – Marian

    N Tino Mori T4 – Helen     Model: Marian

    M La Salamandre T2 – David/Helen

    C La Java T4 – Marian/David

    Trip to Bavaria T1 (Scotland) – David

    N Rumelaj T3 – Marian     Model: Helen

    M Arnold's Circle T4 – Helen/David

    S Mad Robin T4 – David

    C Skater's Tango (B) – David

    N Passu Torrau (B) - Marian

    Friday Night - All Requests  - Why wait for the next Fun Night when this is here now, and it's free?!

  • 08/21/2018 12:39 PM | Arnold (Administrator)

    BFD: 8/20 This Off-Week's Dancing



    David Hillis

    Aug 19, 2018, 8:17 AM (2 days ago)


    Hello dancers,

    It turns out we're pretty busy for an "off" week:

    Monday - Class as usual

    Tuesday - No classes, afternoon or evening

    Wednesday - Class as usual

    Thursday - BFD End of Year Party at Marian Snyder's (more info below)

    Friday - Request Night as usual


    As to the party on August 23 at Marian's:

    Time:                7:30-10:30

    Location:          2812 Regent Street, Berkeley (a half block south of Stuart Street)  549-1703

    What to bring:  If your last name begins with A-P, please bring something to eat.

                             If your last name begins with R-Z, please bring something to drink.

    No dancing -- just schmoozing and boozing, slurping and burping! (And for the adventurous, a dip in Marian's hot tub!)


    Check out, and sign up, at BFD's new website!  All the details are below.

    If you're having any trouble, contact Arnie Stoper at 

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